Northants Malawis

We are currently making some important and exciting changes to our website

For more information, sales enquiries & questions please use our popular Facebook page for the time being. Whilst our website is being updated we shall be adding new images and updates to our page there so that you can still keep track of new stock, prices and offers.


Or you can call Darren on :07590385117 or email us:

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We have carefully selected excellent quality fish to keep and breed so that we can offer great fish to others who also have the same passion for keeping these stunning fish. As this is a hobby we are able to offer great fish at very good prices.

Our licenced in house aquarium consists of around 30 tanks of various sizes. They are maintained to a very high standard with optimal water conditions. We use very high quality food which includes New era & Tropical Malawi flake to feed our fish, this meets their dietary requirements.

We welcome visitors to view our aquariums. All the fish we breed are available to view. However, please make arrangements with us before hand.